Rust in Porsche 911 Carrera Jacking Points

Here’s a important maintenance bulletin for Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera owners.

Later Carrera models have jacking points fitted front and rear, to help get the car off the ground at tyre depots and on two-post garage lifts. Those jacking points were useful in the early life of the cars but nowadays are a rust trap. A quick look at their locations tells you why.

In the front jacking point, road debris thrown up by the front wheels blasts the undercoat and stone chip protection from the metal, with obvious rusty consequences. This is also an area where mud and grit can collect inside, with the trapped mud rusting out the leading edge of the floor. It’s a tedious and time-consuming repair: best to ensure it never needs doing.

The rear points are ahead of the rear wheels, so slightly better off, but you can see that even on this very late and low-ish mile 3.2, rot has already set in. The anti-roll bar mount has already been weld repaired but is again looking rusty. Rear arb mounts are a classic weak spot on impact bumper 911s.

Best way of looking after these areas is scraping off any loose underseal, getting back to nice clean metal and then rust proofing, zinc primering, and paint/epoxy primering with a good dose of fresh underseal. A regular protective coat of Waxoyl or similar around the internal surfaces does them no harm at all.

Remember we are always happy to inspect Carreras and SCs before purchase, to check fail points such as these. Our fabrication and paint shops can effectively repair damage to these areas also. Just call us on 01295 750 514 for a chat about your classic Porsche needs.