Tuthill Porsche heads for Modena Cento Ore

Two of the cars we’ve prepared for the 2017 Modena Cento Ore event – a 1965 SWB 911 and a superb Porsche 904 Carrera GTS – have just left the UK, headed for Italy.

Created in 2000, The Modena Cento Ore (translated as ‘Hundred Hours’) combines high-end tourism and motor racing. The event is an exciting journey through the scenic routes of Northern Italy. Participants enjoy circuit races, hillclimbs on closed roads and unique evenings in luxury locations, sewn together with touristic and cultural threads.

Competitors decide whether to take part in either the Competition or the Regularity section. In Competition, the ranking is calculated by combining circuit racing at Misano, Magione and Mugello and special stage timings, plus any penalties. The classification is then corrected with an “Index of Performance” coefficient based on age and technical specifications of the car.

The organisers recommend Regularity either for competitors who are not motor racing experts, or who prefer to fully enjoy the pleasure of the tour. Regularity rally crews have a slightly more relaxed schedule and compete on the basis of section timings and average speeds.

The aim of the Modena Cento Ore is for the participants to enjoy the five-day route across Italy and arrive on time at the final checkpoint in Modena on Saturday afternoon. The 2017 edition is dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Ferrari, with a special prize for cars born in Modena and a unique celebration of Ferrari on the final day.

Participants and their support crews have a rich programme along the scenic coast-to-coast route. There are three circuit races and a dozen special stages on uphill roads closed to traffic. Each night, participants savour the best hotels of Rimini, Florence, Forte dei Marmi and Modena, with dinners cooked by great chefs and accompanied by the best Italian wines.

The rally starts with registration on Tuesday, June 6th and ends in Modena’s Piazza Grande on Saturday, June 10th. We’re running a number of Porsches on the event, including the SWB 2-litre 911 and our 3.0 Group 4 911 SC.

The Porsche 904 Carrera GTS seen here is on the event, but not supported by our team in Italy. It has been with us here in Wardington for an engine rebuild and a custom seat fitting, amongst other jobs. We look forward to sharing more photos from this event as the week unfolds: best of luck to all the competitors.