Porsche Rally Cockpit Features

Work continues on finishing the Tuthill Challenge cars. The next chassis have been through fabrication and paint, and are now in the rally shop, having their interiors built up.

The starting point for this work is fitting the Tuthill competition wiring loom. After that, we fit the fire extinguisher system and the dash-mounted fusebox. Clocks, timing equipment, flocked dashtop, switchgear, footboard, twin master cylinder pedal box; all go in the Challenge cars, just like in our top-spec Safari cars.

Don’t be fooled by the compact programme of events for the Tuthill Challenge. There’s nothing amateur about these cars or the events they will compete in. They are perfect for talented beginners and old hands alike. The Tuthill Porsche Challenge makes top financial sense for anyone keen to try a season without having to go through buying and prepping the car themselves, not to mention run the risk of destroying their hard work.

This is a tough test of people and machinery, and whoever comes out on top will certainly earn their prize-winning drive! For more information, give Richard a call on 01295 750 514.