Tuthill Porsche restoration bodyshop

New Porsche Bodyshop Restoration Equipment

We bought some new toys for John and Joe in the bodyshop this Christmas: an all-mod-cons dust extraction system for the finest detail preparation of Porsche cars in with us for paint.

Anyone who’s ever spent time in a bodyshop knows that dust is a big problem. It goes everywhere: into the car, into the building and into the painters, too. Even when wearing decent dust masks, the dust is so fine that it can enter the body through the eyes, ears and skin.

Proper dust extraction is important and using this machine with its varied attachments should make a real difference. One big advantage is that unlike other systems, this extractor is not running constantly and only cuts in when required. So it’s clean in body and in spirit.

According to the manufacturers, less dust in the air means less grinding of loose material on the surface. We’ll have to see whether that shows any diference to the finish: something we’ve not had too many problems with to date. We’ve so far used the system on a nice 911 SC, a Mercedes SL and now this smart Carrera Coupe in silver: a solid example in for a detailed tidy up.

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