Rally a Porsche on Safari with Tuthills

Tuthill Porsche has a limited number of opportunities available to join our team on this year’s Safari Classic Rally at the end of November. With just a few entries remaining for this incredible 10-day event, Tuthill Porsche also has some capacity to run additional clients on the 2015 East African Safari Classic Rally.

Tuthill Porsche on Safari Rally

Tuthill Porsche was the first team to win the Safari Classic Rally in a Porsche. Though the factory tried many times with the best rally drivers of the era, not until Björn Waldegård’s famous victory for Tuthill Porsche in 2011 was the feat finally accomplished.

Björn’s winning Porsche 911 is amongst the cars available to hire for the 2015 East African Safari Classic Rally. All of our cars are built to the same successful recipe, so you can be sure you start the rally with a reliable platform and every opportunity to succeed.

Our Porsche preparation skills were honed to perfection on the tough terrain of East Africa, meaning your rally experience is likely to last the entire distance. Tuthill Porsche 911 rally cars are maintained by an expert team of experienced Porsche mechanics, who make sure you start every day with the best chance to enjoy the full glory of Safari: the last great 911 adventure.

No car rewards an enthusiastic driver like the Porsche 911, and no team can match our record on the Safari Rally. Contact us by emailing info@tuthillporsche.com to discuss the available entries or on-event support.