Strong qualifying performance at Monza Historic

We’re racing at Monza in Italy this weekend, as part of the Peter Auto Monza Historic festival. Situated north of Milan, Monza is one of the fastest race tracks in the world. The circuit has been home to the Italian Grand Prix since 1950, but the first Monza Historic event was not held until 2015.

This weekend’s event sees seven Peter Auto historic categories racing at Monza, including Group C (cars from 1982-1993), Classic Endurance (1966-1981, split over two grids) and Euro Classic F2 (1967-1978). There is also a huge historic European Touring Car grid, covering cars from 1966 to 1984. The selection of cars in the Monza paddock is breathtaking, so we’re delighted to be a part of it.

Two Tuthill-built 1965 2-litre Porsche 911s are racing at Monza this weekend in the Sixties Endurance: the cars of Colin Paton and David Huxley. Despite some pretty dismal weather at the start of the weekend, with torrential rain and hailstorms on Friday, both cars enjoyed an excellent qualifying session yesterday afternoon, finishing in the top three 911s for the race to be held later today.

We’re particularly pleased with the top speed charts from qualifying, where Colin’s car placed second overall, beaten only by a 1963 V8 Shelby Cobra! Weighing just 1050 kgs and producing an estimated 385 bhp, the 4.7-litre FIA Cobra is always quick on track, so to be just 5 kph off the quickest Cobra’s ultimate top speed in qualifying – 223.3 kph – is an excellent result for our latest spec engine and exhaust configuration.

The two-hour race takes place later today and we wish all of our competitors well. Good luck Colin and David!