Race4Health Safari Film: Trailer now available

The trailer for the Race4Health film of their work on Safari Classic Rally 2015 is now available (scroll down to watch it). Race4Health team leader, David von Schinkel, has also shared this message to Race4Health supporters and sponsors:

A week has passed since we came back from the East African Safari Rally. The crew of Team Tidö has travelled thousands of miles through the indescribably beautiful nature in Kenya and Tanzania. This week has been filled with mixed feelings for me. Obviously a rush throughout my body when I think about our double victory and that all cars made it to the finish line. And a fantastic feeling when I look back on the work and the results that were made with eye examinations and glasses getting to new owners. Anders and Mary have been absolutely fantastic! Thank you for all your work, both during and before our adventure when collecting and cleaning the glasses. You are a big and important part of this project!

Personally, I am very pleased with the project. I’m so pleased that we will build a designated area in Team Tidö’s garage that will be furnished with technical equipment to wash, test and pack the glasses for our future projects.

But I’m also filled with mixed feelings. It´s difficult to describe the situation most of the people we see during our journey find themselves in. The problems were gigantic and I wish we could have done more! I lift my hat for Drying-Little-Tears By Sixt, Project Playground, Riders and Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation for what you do in this part of the world.

In our work with the Race4Health project, a film team joined us to document the whole project. The result of our project and dissemination of its purpose would never give ripples if we are not able to spread the information. Through Facebook, Instagram and daily press releases, we have been able to update with film and photos. Our media team, led by TV4 (Sweden) News Anchor and Producer Johan Macéus, has done a fantastic job. Our equipment has been absolutely amazing. The most important has been the equipment Digital Inn provided us with. It has not only been a safety line, it has also been those cameras that we used the most. The quality of the images is unbelievable, the image you all have seen of the old lady who takes part of a vision test is taken by a telephone from Digital Inn. And most important our line to Jennie in Sweden writing reports.

Our hope now is that the documentary can spread the word and inspire other teams in different sports to use their platforms in different ways for something good like this. I’m sure that this is just the start of something much bigger.

Finally I would like to thank the people behind the organisations displayed on the cars. Drying-Little-Tears By Sixt, Project Playground, Riders, Alzheimer Foundation and Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation. You should all know that we drive as fast as we can to make you a winner, sometimes it means that our cars get little dents and scratches, but it’s part of the game in the Worlds toughest rally. The most important thing is that we won, Team Race4Health won, and that includes all of us in the project.

Right now the biggest winners are all the people with new eyewear, without our five organisations this wouldn’t have happened. 

Vänliga hälsningar
David von Schinkel

Pictures and film from the project and future projects are available at:
Instagram: Race4Health2015
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Race4Health/