Tuthill Rally Porsche 356

Tuthill Peking to Paris Rally 356 Departure

Our very cool Porsche 356 C Coupe build for this year’s 33-day Peking to Paris marathon rally is finished, and on its way home to the mountains of Switzerland.

The car arrived with us a few months ago, for modifications to the common fail points on a classic road car destined for a desert hammering. It drove well enough and the owner was not keen on a total rebuild, just our best judgement on improved durability, while keeping the car fairly close to original specification and weight.

The drivetrain had some refurbishment and was altered for low-grade fuel. Francis modified a set of our original 911 dampers with remote reservoirs for the rear and upgraded the front suspension. The ride heights were changed, different tyres, braced suspension arms, amazing new fuel tank, undertrays to protect the running gear, super new seats and some interior safety gear, rally timers: all the bits you’d expect and more.

Nothing frees the mind like a marathon rally event. Away from the claptrap of modern daily life, a driver can focus on enjoying the road, getting the car through and keeping up with maintenance. Quite often the issue is not how to cope with a marathon rally, the problem is handling humdrum reality when back in the real world afterwards.

We can’t wait to see pictures of this special Tuthill-prepared Porsche crossing the Gobi Desert and more in a few months’ time. 2013 is just so exciting!