Restoration: Bringing Porsche 911 back to life

We’re just about to add a ‘Project Porsche: cars in build’ section to our website, along with a few other changes. Projects are a very popular part of the Tuthill Porsche Facebook page, so we hope you non-Facebook users will share some of the buzz.

Creating a new car is one of the most fun parts of the job here at Wardington. Sometimes it’s bringing an old car that has been unused for a while back to life, like the yellow American 911 import we’ve just rejuvenated for Charles. It arrived with us a little tired and not used for a while, and we got it ready for regular UK road use, with new front seats, and rear seat belts for the kids.

Sometimes it’s transforming one type of 911 into something else. A good example would be the rally car we’ve just built for Paolo. After the Safari Rally last year, he decided to focus more on European events, so added more power and more rubber to the car using a wide-arch RSR-style upgrade.

It might be rebuilding a car we have previously built, and bringing it up to date for the present owner, like the Almeras-style SC rally car we’ve just finished for Simon. It’s done ice driving and Safari and is now back in private hands, repainted and looking better than ever.

Or it might be something like the car shown in this photograph: a very original 911S, in factory black but needing an almost complete overhaul to bring back the style. The car has been through the bodyshop and is now in preparation for paint.

Have you got a Porsche you’d like to see reborn? Our talented team of technicians can rebuild anything: all you need is the vision and a budget. We’d love to help make your dreams a reality: get in touch on 01295 750 514.