Richard Tuthill on the Collecting Cars Podcast

Our friends, Chris Harris and Edward Lovett, recently launched Collecting Cars: an online classic car auction service. Chris and Edward are also recording a regular podcast to reach a wider audience.

The first episode featured classic car dealer, Max Girardo, with the second episode bringing in our great friend, David Clark. Episode three involved our own team leader, Richard Tuthill. The conversation was a lively jaunt through multiple topics including:

  • The rise of the ’65 911 and the 2-litre scene
  • Richard’s Prodrive Career
  • Francis and his dealer clearance venue
  • What makes Richard’s ideal 911?
  • The future of driving in the face of tighter legislation

We enjoyed the podcast and learned a few things we didn’t know! Check it out via the Collecting Cars website, iTunes or wherever you get your podcasts from.