2019 Safari Classic Rally Day 2 Report

Day 2 of the Safari Classic Rally 2019 was another real test of cars and crews. As the rally crossed into Tanzania, the competitors tackled stages awash with deep mud caused by heavy rain, and Philip Kadoorie’s car broke a torsion bar on one rocky section. But we ended the day with two cars in the top three and everyone enjoying the challenge.

Stig Blomqvist: “Today was OK but very tough with a bit of rain. Finishing the day was the most important thing. We tried as much as possible to race carefully considering that several cars have had problems today. Our rally is going well and we are happy overall.”

Kris Rosenberger: “A fantastic day. The second stage was pretty rough and a tough one to get through, but we had no major mechanical issues. One minor glitch came when the wiper fell off and Niki had to get out several times to wipe the windscreen. She also did a great job reading the notes and the pace was good: our best day in the office so far.”

Philip Kadoorie: “Unfortunately we broke a torsion bar, which slowed us down today. The guys carried out a quick repair and we were back in business soon after. Our ‘screamer’ didn’t work but we managed to pass Jayant and maintain a good pace, moving up a few places in the end. It is certainly tough: I have a lot to learn but am enjoying it all. Today was the best and hardest day’s driving in my entire life.”

Eugenio Amos: “The first stage today was perfect: my favourite stage of the day in terms of driving. It was very fast and flowing, flat out in fifth gear and that’s the driving style I prefer. Unfortunately, we had an issue with a misfire and no rear skid plate, so we had to take it easy in the second stage. We had a big impact on a rock and that’s where I think we lost the skid. But while driving to preserve our car, I saw elephants, zebras, giraffe and Masai people. You know I have been racing for a very long time, but these two days are possibly the best in my life.” 

Richard managed one short video today, recorded just before service went wild. There’s an overview of night service also. Kris Rosenberger and Nicola Bleicher will run first on the road tomorrow: more news later!

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