Safari Rally 2015 Preparations begin at Tuthill Porsche

While the rally team has been away winning the 2015 Monte Carlo Rally, the Tuthill Porsche fabrication workshop and paint shop have been working hard on our Safari Rally entries for this year, stripping the cars following a tough event in 2013 and getting them ready for this year’s running of the world’s toughest rally.

Of all the rallies that stand out amongst Porsche fans, Safari and the Monte are held in equal regard at the top of the list. To win either rally requires unfathomable driver finesse and cars of the highest calibre. Tuthill Porsche is extremely proud to have won both events with wonderful drivers (Björn Waldegård and François Delecour), but those wins would never have happened without exacting car preparation before the event.

Run at extremely high speed, the Safari Rally is an incredible test of man and machine, so our Safari Porsche recipe is the most fastidious imaginable. Up to 1,000 hours of preparation goes into the bodyshell alone, with all body seams welded before the intricate roll cage and strengthening are added. All of the tricks we have learned in almost forty years of Porsche competition preparation are brought to bear on these cars.

Seen here is a car that was rolled onto its roof on the 2013 event. With the bodyshell fixed to one of our chassis jigs, we are fitting a brand new rear quarter panel, with a good steel door and front wing as supplied by the owner, before the whole lot is prepared for painting back to top condition.

It feels good to be back on the road to Safari. Not forgetting the wonderful rewards of WRC participation in the Tuthill 911 R-GT car, Safari is still the greatest Porsche adventure we know of.