Servicing Workshop full of Classic Porsche

We’re chock-a-block with classic Porsches at the minute! Seen here is the road workshop, just before we shut the doors one evening last week.

In the air on the left is Francis’ own long wheelbase 911S in Tangerine: previously featured in the news section. To the right of that is a stunning little SWB 911S, which we have just fully repainted.

On the ground out of shot to the left is a 996 Coupe, in for a replacement engine and exhaust system. Alongside that is one of our Challenge cars, going through preparation for the next round.

Behind the Challenge car is an original Martini SC, still with its proper decals on and all the brightwork, correct on these early 3-litre coupes. To the right of the Martini car is an original RSR, currently having its MFI fettled for optimum perfomance. Did someone say Tour Britannia?

In front of the RSR is a Safari car we’ve just finished. This white 911 was built with the owner’s stated intention of going FIA rallying after a run in Morocco soon. The roof vent will come off, and we’ll change one or two more things, but then it’ll be good to go.

In front of that is a very cool, French registered 911R recreation! More of that later. Variety is the spice of life – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise!