All shapes and sizes in the Tuthill workshop

As work progresses on the new building and we prepare to put a roof on it, our workshops are enjoying the company of a wide range of Porsche cars, with practically every generation of 911 represented.

The end of winter always brings 911s in for servicing ahead of the start of the Porsche season, so the Guards Red 964 has just come in for a check over, joining a pair of 993s not seen in this photo. Next to the 964 is the championship-winning 911 rally car of Glenn Janssens, which has just had an engine refresh ahead of a busy season that will include a third trip to Italy for the Modena Cento Ore.

Early 911s dominate current activity, with several 2-litre builds in progress. The bodyshop is working on both coupe and Targa models in for repaint and restoration, as well as a couple of bespoke builds for clients in the UK and USA. We are also well into a ’72 coupe being prepared as a ’73 RS for a German friend: more of that lovely 911 build later.

Parked at the tail end of this quartet is the Cobalt Blue Gen 1 997 GT3, which has just had a chassis upgrade using our own dampers and a full geometry and corner weighting. Our latest 997 RGT has arrived back in the rally shop for preparation ahead of Irish and European Tarmac rally events through 2018, and we have some exiting news coming on a GT3 gravel rally partnership. Watch this space for more.