Slate Grey Custom Porsche 911 Build

Tuthill Porsche put the finishing touches on this 1972 Porsche 911E hot rod last week before the owner picked it up and took it home.

Painted in classic Slate Grey, the car features a 2.7-litre twin plug 911 RS engine, and a fully rebuilt gearbox with Sachs Power Clutch. The suspension is rather special: EXE-TC dampers, and steel rear arms with small-diameter ARBs and poly bushes.

The bodyshell was restored here at Tuthills, and modern sound deadening was applied before the interior was painted Satin Black. Outside, the rejuvenated bodywork was covered in classic Slate Grey. Amber through-the-grille driving lights are a nice touch up front. The custom side stripes compliment the 7 and 8 inch Fuchs in 15″ diameter.

Designed as a daily driver, the car was rewired and electrical reliability brought up to date. The interior is a nice combination of simple design and period materials. Recaro seats of course, a half cage, harnesses and the updated WEVO gearshift.

No doubt this superb project will make it to a car magazine shelf in the future! Contact Tuthill Porsche to build your dream 911: classic or modern.