Successful Debut for Tuthill Porsche 997 RGT

Tuthill Porsche has unveiled its all-new Porsche 997 RGT rally car to an overwhelmingly positive response. Built to comply with FIA WRC rules for GT cars in rallying, the Porsche 997 was recently tested in public, running as a course car on the tricky Harry Flatters Rally across the military training grounds of Epynt in Brecon, Mid Wales.

“We had an amazing first day in the car,” said Richard Tuthill of Team Tuthill Porsche. “The primary purpose of this public test was to put miles under our belts. This we achieved, also testing four different set-ups and two different tyre combinations.

“Our aim with this project was to create a modern 911 rally car that is easy and fun to drive: a car that will appeal to all levels of driver ability. Led by our highly experienced project engineer, Graham Moore, the team has done a magnificent job.

“The car lands beautifully from jumps, is incredibly nimble through the narrow tight twisty stuff and hugely competent in the fast sections. It was born to rally! There is no doubt that it will be extremely competitive in the overall standings.

“We are indebted to the organisers and the MSA for allowing us the dispensation to run as a course car. The organisation was fantastic: they have the running of the event down to a fine art, which is no mean feat given how many competitors and satellite events run on the same stages throughout the day. The atmosphere was exceptionally friendly and with wonderful weather it typified what rallying is all about. Many thanks to everyone for their efforts.

“I may be slightly biased, but our latest rally 911 seemed the most popular on the stages and in the service park. So many people offered their congratulations, describing the car as a breath of fresh air. We hope that the MSA will fully recognise this category in due course, so we can see more cars of this class being used and enjoy some competition. In the meantime, roll on WRC Germany!”

Image by JMS Photographic.