Peking to Paris Tuthill Porsche 356 Visit

Tuthill Porsche at Wardington was visited by the WEVO Porsche 356 which recently completed the 14,000-kilometre Peking to Paris Rally, achieving a first in class finish.

Video: Porsche Classic Morocco Rally

Video from the Morocco International Historic Rally, which finished with Tuthill Porsche 911 rally cars in second and third positions. Victory was not to be.

Jimmy McRae on 1985 RAC Rally

Video of the 1985 RAC Rally, with Tuthill Porsche driver, Jimmy McRae chasing four-wheel drive Audis and Peugeots in a two-wheel drive Opel Manta 400. Skill!

Porsche 904 Replica Recreation Build

Porsche 904 classic race car replica recreation makes our workshop look great! We work on many genuine Porsche 904s but always nice to have a good replica in.