Top Gear tries Porsche Ice Driving

Top Gear magazine Singapore visited our Below Zero Ice Driving camp before the end of last season. Issue 36 of the Top Gear Singapore magazine shares the story of their experience.

“Below Zero is the only ice driving company in the world to offer air-cooled 911s, and they seem crazy to do so, given the values of these cars,” says writer, Terence Foo. “With the engine weight hanging behind the rear axle and devoid of modern driver aids, classic 911s are notoriously difficult to drive fast, even in the best conditions. However, they lend themselves well to ice driving, where every steering or throttle input you make is accentuated and changes in surface grip are instantaneously telegraphed back to you, constantly challenging you to find a balance between delicacy and assertiveness.

“Unlike manufacturer-led ice driving experiences, Below Zero focuses on getting you to have fun, as well as maximising your seat time in the cars. Once, when we drive back to the rest area to get some air, our instructor admonishes us and tells us to keep going. We pause only for driver changes and lunch.

“Our cars end up being driven every minute from the start of the day to the end of the afternoon, and perform faultlessly despite their age and relatively tough lives. It’s not hard to see why 70 per cent of Below Zero’s clientele comprises repeat customers. The chance to drive rally-winning motoring icons to the limit in safety, combined with the satisfaction of getting a lap just right is a potent combination, enhanced by the team’s focus on ensuring you have an amazing experience.”

High praise indeed! Thanks Terence and see you again next year. Download the full Singapore Top Gear ice driving feature from the Below Zero Ice Driving website here.