Rare Turbo-body Porsche 964 Targa service

The original Porsche 911 Targa was a Porsche body style that some drivers loved, with others not so convinced. As the cars matured through short- into long-wheelbase early cars, then into the Impact Bumper cars and then the 964, the Targa was gradually replaced by the completely roofless Cabriolet.

The Porsche 964 was the last model to feature the detachable centre panel-style Targa and, these days, a 964 Targa is a rare sight. The last one I saw on the move was a white J-reg Carrera 4 Targa, accelerating up the M40 in a rainstorm. “Trying to get home before the car fills up with water,” quipped my Coupe-owning co-driver.

I like the Impact Bumper and rarer 964 Targa models, so it was with some excitement that I cast my eyes over this rare beast: a widebody 964 Targa. Sadly, things were not quite as they seemed. Turned out the car was a Carrera 3.2 ‘Super Sport’ with a 964 bodykit. It’s got me on the hunt for the real deal, though.