Tuthill Bodyshop Jig Restoration

Few Porsche restoration tools are more important to Tuthill Porsche than our bodyshop chassis repair jig. The best body repair jigs are made by Celette.

Porsche has a long-standing association with Celette equipment, and issues all of its 3-dimensional body measurements suitable for use with Celette equipment. Tuthill Porsche has only ever used Celette jigs to check the body integrity of our 911s. Without “the bench” with the right clamps, set to the correct dimensions, we could never know whether or not a chassis was straight or not.

The workload here at Wardington is stronger than ever. We’ve just finished the final 911 for Ice Driving 2013, and have been working hard on our fleet of Safari cars for next year.

We’ve also been building some serious Porsche 911 ST and RSR replicas on original 1972 bodyshells: shells that required quite a lot of rust repair, including parcel shelf, floors and rear seat well replacement, cage installation and other strengthening work.

Our oldest Celette chassis jig has done sterling work. When we were recently offered a new bench by a Porsche business closing down, we jumped at the opportunity. But assuming the new one is straight is not good enough. We had to manufacture the bespoke body fitments we use beyond the Celette clamps, put a shell on our old jig and check for straightness, then lift it off and transfer it to the new bench, set exactly the same.

This picture shows Felix conducting that operation. Suffice to say, it passed with flying colours: all the better to straighten you with!