Tuthill Motorsport Fabrication Workshop

Here’s another photo from our fabrication workshop, where Felix is working on jack clamps for the Safari cars. We build all of these individually; formed and constructed to do their job all of the time, safely and reliably.

Building any Porsche to go rallying and win is a complex task. There are so many elements to consider, with weight, performance, reliability and safety amongst the most important. Will this part be reliable? Can we make it lighter and keep reliability? Will it be safe in a sudden stop at 100 mph? Will it fail in a deep river crossing or big water splash?

Every part must be assessed against these criteria. Outside there are body panels, wheels, tyres, mirrors, wiper arms, light lenses. On the chassis we have suspension, brakes, fuel pumps and lines, oil coolers, jacking and towing points. In transmission there are casings, internal gears and parts, pressure plate and clutch disc, driveshafts, wheel bearings. On the engine we have air cleaner, carburettors, ignition systems, timing chain and gears, cam shafts, pistons. Inside is the electrical loom, seat belts, the safety cell roll cage, instruments, steering wheel, fire extinguishers.

The list goes on forever, and no one person is responsible for the lot. Each team member has their role to play in the collective responsibility to attain maximum performance, efficiency, safety and reliability from every build. When we say Team Tuthill Porsche, we really mean it.