Tuthill Porsche Ice Driving season comes to a close

As the Tuthill Porsche Ice Driving season comes to a close, our 2011 Porsche Rally Challenge cars are returning from the frozen lakes to meet some new family members, born while they were overseas.

The Ice Driving camp is a real test of our rally car recipe. As with any hire car, the drivers that end up behind the wheel possess a wide range of ability. To deal with all comers, the car has to be comfortable, flexible and, of course, reliable. The chassis must be communicative and forgiving. And the overall build must be resilient – it’s impossible to keep these cars out of the snow banks.

Tuthill Porsche have been building 911 rally cars for over thirty years. Our experience in the field is amongst the very best. But after all those years and all those cars, it’s still a joy to watch a car come together, go through testing and live and breathe on an event, with a delighted driver at the wheel.

Whether it’s a regularity car, a Challenge car or a full-blown Safari car, each of our creations carries a little piece of Wardington with it, wherever it ends up. If you’ve got a Tuthill-built car and we’ve not heard from you in a while, get in touch. Let us know how you and the car are getting on together; maybe there’s a story in there.