Tuthill Lightweight Porsche 912 Project

We’ve just got started on our latest project: an ultra-stiff, ultra-light Porsche based on a very sweet US chassis we’ve had in the barn for a while.

Plans for the running gear are still in gestation, but suffice to say it will be something different for Europe, along the same lines as what we know some US Porsche friends are working on. We can say no more at this early stage.

The first part of the build is simple and as per our usual format: strip it down, inspect the chassis, send the components to be cleaned, blasted and powdercoated. The tub will then be prepped to the chosen recipe. The keyword here is civilised: we want to have a relaxed mobile phone conversation at motorway speeds without packing the car full of sound deadening.

Once we’re done, we’ll paint the shell and then build it back up with new suspension components, our brake calipers, twin master cylinder pedal box and so on. Assuming the execution follows the concept, it should be a great driver’s machine when it’s complete.