Tuthill Porsche 356 restoration in paint

This Porsche 356 is approaching the end of a lengthy restoration here at Tuthill Porsche in Wardington, Oxfordshire. Tuthill bodyshop experts, John and Angela, have finished their work on preparing the bodywork for primer and the car will soon enter the spray booth here for a respray in its original colour.

The 356 has earned a huge following as the ‘original’ Porsche sports car. First produced in 1948, in a little wooden hut in post-war Austria, the manufacturing line relocated to Stuttgart when Porsche regained its Zuffenhausen factory in 1950. The 356 continued to be manuactured after the 911 replaced it, with the eventual production total exceeding 75,000 cars.

Right hand-drive Porsche 356 values vary, with basket-case restoration projects starting anywhere from £15,000 and upwards. A decent LHD 356 C might cost somewhere between £45-50k, while a decent RHD 356 Pre-A will certainly break a six-figure price tag. 356 Carreras are the creme de la creme, and prices can reach dizzying heights. Speedsters and Roadsters are also sought after, although the £275,000 asking price of one two-owner RHD Porsche 356 Cabriolet on sale in the UK has raised a few eyebrows.

While 356 prices and general condition of cars offered for sale vary widely depending on where one looks, good RHD cars fetch a premium in the current market. This makes all RHD 356s in any condition worth an inspection. We always have interested parties on our books looking for good condition cars or Porsches for special build/rebuild, so please feel free to get in touch with your cars for sale, even if in need of serious restoration. Email richard@tuthillporsche.com to discuss.