Tuthill Porsche 911 Arctic Circle Ice Driving

Race preparation on our three Tuthill Porsche ice driving rally 911s has been finished, the cars have all been liveried up and are now headed for Norway. The journey north takes about a day and a half, before the cars finally arrive at our winter classic Porsche 911 ice driving and driver training facility, just south of Geilo.

Along with the three cars, we have sent one of our rally-prepared Toyota Land Cruiser support vehicles, laden with tools and spares for the cars. Our Land Cruisers are fully caged for safety, with a wire mesh bulkhead to protect the front seat occupants in the event of an emergency stop or similar. We have also sent plenty of tyres, with more to follow on as the ice driving season continues.

Three of our very experienced rally technicians have travelled with the cars, to ensure any issues uncovered en route are addressed, before our guests begin arriving in a week or so. Our cars spend most of the day on the circuits and in our rally stages, so there is precious little time available for maintenance. Our service schedule must be tight and well coordinated, to ensure maximum reliability and as much seat time as possible for all of our drivers.

If you’d like to come to Norway and drive a genuine, no-holds-barred championship rally car on some of the most thrilling and challenging terrain available anywhere, get in touch now to book one of the few remaining places. Just call 01295 750 514 and talk to Richard about the courses we run. We guarantee you will come away a better driver.