Tuthill Porsche 1973 911E Restoration Update

The Tuthill Porsche restoration workshop is working flat out on a number of important 911 build and restoration projects. We have also brought our Porsche 997 R-GT rally car back into the workshop for a quick check on the bodyshell jig, to ensure all is perfect before the car goes up for sale later this month.

Classic Porsche 911 Restoration

Amongst our classic Porsche restoration projects in this rare 1973 model year right-hand drive Porsche 911E 2.4-litre Lux with sunroof. Originally painted Metallic Green with a tan interior, the car was purchased privately last year in need of a full bodywork restoration, which the owner decided to have carried out here at Tuthill Porsche.

The 911 was painted Albert Blue on arrival: soon removed by our stripping process using light media blasting, which does not distort the bodyshell. The current owner plans to run this car almost as a daily driver (weather permitting), so we have been carrying out a painstaking rust removal, adding in new panels or handmade repair pieces using weld-through primers before thoroughly rustproofing the cavities and inaccessible corners and returning the car to its original colour.

Replacement Porsche Body Panels

Work has progressed well since the restoration began. The only delays have come from the wait for new panels, albeit this is not a big problem when the first job is labour intensive replacement floors and A-posts, which we normally keep in stock. Most of the body panels required have now been fitted, so we are finally approaching the paintwork stage. The classic Porsche 911 will be painted here at Tuthills.

Tuthill Porsche 911 restoration 1973 2

New panels include front wings, floor, A-posts and many front end parts including bonnet and front wings. We regard the A-post placement as critical, so exercise extreme patience when setting out the welds in this section. The photos show part of the process in getting the A-post corner gaps (scuttle to door to wing to bonnet) as close to perfect as possible. When it comes to 911 restoration, the battle between things looking ‘oh-so-right’ versus ‘how-did-it-all-go-wrong’ can be easily lost during this stage.

Note that while we have carried out quite a bit of work, keeping the project within budget is also a concern. We could have cut out and tidied up the visible previous repairs to the cabin front corners, but they are solid, functional and will not be seen when the car is undersealed and all back together. We have rustproofed these areas and left well alone.

Talk to Tuthill Porsche about your Porsche restoration projects. We have a busy schedule through 2016, but are always keen to help where we can. Call Paul Green on 01295 750 514 or email info@tuthillporsche.com.