Tuthill Porsche 911 SC RS build recreation

It’s always exciting when a bespoke classic Porsche build reaches its conclusion. Delivering a customer’s ideal classic Porsche is a great experience, as we take great delight from handing back a Tuthill-rejuvenated 911, to be driven and enjoyed.

Our latest build was a real favourite. Based on a Turbolook 911 3.2 Carrera, we stripped the car, repaired some tricky rust in the sills and b-posts, and set off in search of an SC RS look.

Key to the look is that special front bumper, developed in collaboration with UK composite Porsche parts specialists, EB Motorsport. This is a bolt-on part to suit widebody 911s. We teamed the front end with a non-spoiler fibreglass engine cover and 3.0 RS-style rear bumper, also from EB Motorsport.

The immaculate silver body now covers a collection of our own high end Porsche parts, including our brand new suspension, Turbo brakes, 15″ Fuchs on trick tyres and more. The cabin is a slimmed-down version of how it started life, retaining the factory air conditioning.

Under the lightweight engine cover is a rebuilt 3.2-litre Carrera engine, with an early-style exhaust system and a few secret tweaks, to improve torque and make the package more fun on the road than a standard 3.2 Carrera.

We’ve just shipped the finished product back to a delighted Swedish owner. The home of modern rallying seems the perfect environment for this very tasty hot rod – can’t wait to see it in its new habitat!

If you’re considering a bespoke 911 build, why not discuss your plans with Tuthill Porsche? Porsche fans are welcome to drop in, see our facilities and check out our workmanship. We’re always happy to talk 911s, so give us a call on 01295 750 514.