Tuthill Porsche with BBC Top Gear in London

BBC Top Gear magazine recently borrowed our Safari winning 911 and took it to London on some Olympic guerilla photoshooting. The car went down a storm with the petrolhead mag crew. After all, what’s not to like?! Here’s some Top Gear text:

Enter… a fully race-prepared 1971 Porsche 911 rallyist. Prepared by Tuthill Porsche specialists in the UK, it’s got 250mm of ground clearance, 280bhp, and lashings of, erm, patina… Perfect. It also won the East African Safari Rally Classic in Kenya and Tanzania last year – the first time a Porsche has ever won the event – under the careful stewardship of mud-fond legend Bjorn Waldegård and his son Mathias.

It arrived at Top Gear HQ in much the same condition it left the Safari Rally finish line. The engine was wearing lots of desert, there was rather a large dent in the passenger side where the Swedish star had had an argument with a 20-tonne truck. The impact snapped the roll cage and A-pillar, but we were assured that it been lovingly repaired in an hour during the rally and, therefore, was probably OK.

The left-hand-driver also had no passenger wing mirror, much gaffer tape, very little in the way of visibility, and a racing clutch, gearbox, brakes and steroidal offset dampers – the latter causing it to lunge wherever it pleases under acceleration. The perfect city companion, then. All that remained was slipping into the Arcadian city – deep in Olympics fever – at dawn for some big game hunting

You can see all 30 photos of the Top Gear Tuthill Porsche Olympic Safari on the Top Gear website. Let us know what you think via Twitter or on the Tuthill Porsche Facebook page!