Tuthill Porsche on Fifth Gear: Discovery Channel TV

In October 2013, Tuthill Porsche took part in a special episode of the motoring show, Fifth Gear, where we sent one of our classic Porsche 911 rally cars to Wales for presenters Tiff Needell and Jason Plato to learn the skills of rallying.

The finished show was finally broadcast last night on Discovery TV, and we were delighted with the result. I’ve been hunting around trying to find some video to share but nothing available as yet. Will put something online when it is ready.

The format was simple. Tiff and Jason meet three-time British Rally Champion Mark Higgins and WRC-winning co-driver Nicky Grist at the test stages. Meet the Tuthill Porsche and strap the drivers in. Each does a bit of one-to-one training with Mark on gravel and tarmac, then some pace notes training with Nicky, then goes out and rallies in anger.

The show ended in a battle between newbies and professionals. It was fascinating fun and the car behaved impeccably throughout. Our Mark was first to spot the puncture inflicted on one stage, but no one is saying how accurate the final times were!

Want to try your hand at rallying a classic Porsche? We run customer test days in Wales all year around and our cars are available to arrive and drive for testing, training and events, including our premier event through 2014, the Classic Rally of South Africa. Call Richard on 01295 750 514 to enquire.