Tuthill Porsche: Under the Bonnet with Hagerty

We were delighted to welcome Hagerty Insurance to Wardington recently, to film an episode of their “Under the Bonnet” Youtube series in our workshops. Richard did an interesting piece with the filmmakers, outlining some of the unique aspects clients enjoy when building a car in partnership with Tuthill Porsche.

“Tuthill Porsche is a one-stop shop,” says Richard. “We do every aspect of the car in-house: from fabrication, paint, engines, gearboxes and car build all under one roof. When you add that up, that’s a huge, huge thing to be able to offer a client. Our pedigree comes from rallying and that gives us a certain competitive advantage, in terms of getting the job done: having to find solutions in relatively quick periods of time.

“Dad started the business in 1972, initially with Beetles and early Porsche 356 and the business has now become almost exclusively Porsche 911. My involvement started in 2003, when I came to assist on the Safari Rally of all rallies – something we became infamous for.

“My background was in driving and one of the things I do is I drive every single car that leaves the business. It gives me a unique perspective on problems we may face, solutions as to how we’re going to overcome them and actually I can feed that back, to help clients develop themselves as drivers. What that really means is that, when you buy one of our cars, what you’re buying is tried and tested product, which will be reliable and deliverable.

“The car you’ve seen in the paint shop is due to compete at the 2.0L Cup round at Classic Le Mans in three weeks. Building a complete car in that timeframe is quite a challenge, even for us, but it’s something we can cope with: something we have done before. I’m hugely confident that, the day it hits the track, it will work beautifully.

Porsche is an extraordinary brand and it continues to attract new clients, new interest. There are very few cars that you can interact with the way you can a 911. They are wonderful cars to modify, to play with, to change because from 1964 through to the current day almost everything is interchangeable. It means that you can continue to reinvent what was and still is an iconic car.”

Watch the video below. Email us if you would like to discuss building a car here at Tuthill Porsche.