Tuthill Porsche History & Parts Sales

When Francis first started working on cars, it was Volkswagens; from a bijou unit at the back of the family house, here in Wardington.

As the business grew, 356 and 911 and 912 Porsches began to arrive. Francis’ love of adventure rallying brought unbeatable experience in off-road conditions, and we started to build cars for other people. Eventually, that little unit was too small, and Francis Tuthill’s Workshop moved to the first part of the complex we now use today.

That original building still stands, rich with memories of effort and success. Francis has recently embarked upon a renovation, to restore the workshop ready to house his huge VW and Porsche classic parts collection. Then he’ll run a business to catalogue, refurbish and sell the items.

“We’re putting on a new roof, then insulating and lining the whole place,” said Francis. “There’ll be a car bay, of course, but this workshop will be all about parts. Some will go online, some will go on eBay, and some will go in cars built 100 yards up the road.”

Get in the dictionary and flick to ‘zest’ (for life). Scribble out whatever it says and put Francis’ phone number. This energy is endless!