Tuthill Porsche Rally Service Truck

New Rally Service Truck for Tuthill Porsche

Our philosophy has always been to build cars that don’t break. Light may be fast, but it’s no good being light at the expense of strength. Fastest stage times are an exercise in futility if the car won’t make the finish to clock up the points.

Behind cars that don’t break, we ensure we have sufficient technical support at an event, to cover as many variables as possible. This means good transport and logistics, with plenty of space for spares, and space to work under cover if possible. Enter the race truck.

While our trusty Landcruisers are ever-present with spare transmissions, fuel and tools, a travelling workshop is a major bonus on bigger events. Our last Mercedes Varios had served us well: they were perfect for mobile events where smaller trucks could get into tight service areas but, as the number of cars we support on events increased, we needed more capacity, and an indoor space for planning and conferencing.

One of our off season priorities was to obtain a new race truck. Buying a shiny new 10 plate would just mean bigger overheads to pass on to our customers, which is not something we’d ever consider. Instead, we have had a bespoke unit built on a low mileage used chassis. We love it.

No race mechanic ever sends a truck to an event without plenty of coffee on board. Something to remember when we and thee are waiting at the next service halt!