Tuthill Porsche Safari Classic Rally preparations continue

The dates for the East African Safari Classic Rally 2017 have now been released and the entry list is beginning to fill up. Our preparations for the next running of the world’s toughest rally are well underway, with the six Race4Health cars from 2015 already being rebuilt. We also have other cars available for this wonderful adventure – contact us for more details.


This black 911 suffered some serious damage on day two of the Safari Classic Rally, when a solid obstacle buried in the undergrowth on a fast, twisty stage through a wildlife preserve caught Christer Johansson and Mattias Adielson off guard. The car sustained a heavy impact to the nearside front corner, which damaged the steering and suspension.

The crew had no choice but to press on, so they drove almost 70 kilometres on the damaged corner, eventually losing the complete suspension, wheel and brakes. You might think that such a seemingly serious incident would end a rally, but that is not the Safari way. After a superhuman effort by car 16 mechanics, Den and Shaun, the 911 started the afternoon stages and stayed in the running, right to the finish.

The car sustained a lot of damage in the incident and was no small task to repair. Our expert fabricators, Andy and Chris, put the Porsche on one of our Celette jigs and pulled the chassis straight, cutting out a lot of damaged metal and beating other bits back into shape before welding some shiny new steel in place. Now the shell enters our bodyshop for a fresh coat of paint, and then the rally mechanics can give it a thorough check-over and fit any new parts required, before pronouncing it ready to start another adventure!