Tuthill Restoration 10 Years On

We had a visit from an old friend the other day: a classic 911 restored by Tuthill Porsche, ten years ago.

Back then, the car was treated to some new metalwork and a colour change to beautiful Aubergine, one of my favourite early 911 colours. To look at the car now, you wouldn’t know it had ever been restored: the paint and panelwork are impeccable. This car is a credit to its owner and a credit to us too, as it is still in superb condition, long after the bodywork was done.

Restoring old Porsches is a tricky business. For uninitiated bodyshops, unfamiliar with Stuttgart’s finest, there is no guarantee that they will eradicate rust and ensure it won’t come back. Specialist knowledge and experience is essential to get the best results (and the best value) from Porsche restoration.

It’s always possible to get cheap quotes to quickly fill in rust holes and paint over them, but how good will the work look, five or ten years later? You pays your money and takes your choice.