Tuthill Full Safari Video Documentary on Top Gear

Fans of Tuthill Porsche are rewarded for their patience this weekend, as the full length version of our Safari Rally video goes live on the TopGear website.

Launched to coincide with our Safari-winning car of 2011 featuring at the 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed, the movie follows the largest private rally team ever assembled as it attempts to win a second Safari Rally in succession. Filmed last year in Kenya, Top Gear has split the hour-long feature into four parts for ease of viewing.

Safari was always the toughest rally in the World Rally Championship. The non-championship original Dakar was great for modern cars, modern technology and the support of works trucks following through stages, but Safari was tougher on its world championship competitors, with car-crushing pace through desert, rainstorms and mud deep enough to swallow an elephant.

The average WRC event runs to approximately 1,200 kilometres over three days. Driven over ten days, the 3,900-kilometre Safari is more than three times longer. How many WRC cars would be left at the end of three WRC rallies run back to back? It’s an achievement to finish this event, let alone win it. Watch the four-part Tuthill Porsche Safari documentary and enjoy!

Tuthill Porsche 911s are not the sole preserve of world rally champions like Sainz and Wåldegard. We offer the ultimate 911 adventures on a monthly basis, and have drives available for any level of competitor on a wide range of events. Call Richard on 01295 750 514 to find out more.