Tuthill Below Zero Ice Driving now using Swedish Ice

Tuthill Porsche, the UK’s premier historic Porsche preparation expert, has confirmed the details of its new-for-2013 bespoke ice driving programme that will take place in northern Sweden from January next year.

Below Zero has been set up to offer the ultimate ice driving experience for all abilities, from the fun-seeking novice to the seasoned competition professional. Individuals will be able to drive a 300-horsepower classic Porsche 911 rally car on specially-prepared frozen lake circuits close to Åre, Scandinavia’s largest and most popular winter sports resort.

The Oxfordshire-based company launched its ice driving packages in Norway back in 2005 and has since become one of the leading ice driving experience providers in Europe. This season Below Zero’s instructors include, amongst others, world championship drivers Martin Rowe (former Production Car World Rally Champion) and Patrik Sandell (former Junior World Rally Champion and current WRC driver for Team Sweden).

The lake for this year’s programme lies at a latitude of 63 degrees north and between December and March it freezes to depths of up to one metre. Ice tracks are carved in to the snow, giving customers various levels of difficulty as they progress through the different stages of their course. The snow-lined banks also act as the perfect safety zone for the inevitable spin or shunt.

Below Zero has a variety of full-specification, rally-ready Porsche 911s and each with a competition built engine producing over 300 bhp. The cars have been professionally prepared by Tuthill Porsche to withstand the world’s most rugged driving environments.

Tuthill Porsche Managing Director Richard Tuthill commented: “We are delighted to launch Below Zero, which we believe is our best ice driving package to date and builds on the success of seven brilliant years in Norway. The primary focus is driving fast cars on ice, but ultimately we will build our customer’s experience to suit their exact specifications.

“If they want to start their day off with a high-speed passenger ride down a genuine rally stage or finish it with a snowmobile safari dropping off at their hotel – then it’s not a problem. What can be better than a Porsche 911, fully-equipped with studded tyres and an ex-World Championship instructor at your side? It’s something that everyone should experience at least once.”

Find our new site at www.belowzeroicedriving.com.