The Twelve Builds of Christmas 2019: Part 1

It’s that time again, where we revisit some of the many bespoke Porsche builds, restorations and update projects that have come through our Wardington workshops in the last twelve months.

Preparations for the 2019 East African Safari Classic Rally and the continued popularity of the 2.0L Cup historic racing series meant that this year involved many Safari and 2-litre builds. However, not all 2-litres were pure race cars and not all Safari cars were destined for Kenya.

Aside from the major works to be feature in our 2019 12 Builds of Christmas, our team was also tasked with many more overhauls and rebuilds on Porsche cars of all eras.

We were also involved in the maintenance and restoration of several significant original cars, details of which must remain private. But with more than thirty people working across our fabrication, paint and body, engine and transmission and mechanical workshops, there are still more than enough projects for us to look back on and enjoy.

1965 Aga Blue 2.0L race car repair and rebuild

The first in our 2019 twelve builds review is the repair and rebuild of one of our 2-litre race cars. Rolled in an event during 2018, the car was one of the first major projects of the new year and involved a lot of fabrication work.

Having suffered considerable panel damage in the high-speed roll, our first job was to strip the car back to its bare chassis. The engine and transmission were removed to be checked and rebuilt, and the bare shell was sent to the metalwork shop. The boys put the shell on a jig and checked it for straightness before added braces to the chassis and replacing the roof.

Some panels were saved, including the bonnet and the offside door. Panels replaced included both rear quarters, engine cover, front wings, bumpers and the nearside door. We also fitted a new roll cage. With the body repaired, the shell was prepped and painted before coming back into the workshop to be reassembled using many new parts and readied for its racing return.

The Aga Blue ’65 competed at the 2L Cup round in Monza, where it enjoyed a terrific weekend. The car featured in the top three highest speeds for both qualifying and the race, which was also won by a Tuthill 2-litre, en route to overall victory in the Gentleman’s Cup. We’re running a host of SWB 911s in the 2020 2.0L Cup and it is on course to be another excellent year!