The Twelve Builds of Christmas 2018: Part 12

We’ve reached the final instalment of our end-of-year review of big build projects here at Wardington. Our final piece covers the biggest build we’ve ever undertaken: the construction of our brand new workshop, which we moved into on December 20th, just before we closed for Christmas.

12 Builds of Christmas Part 12: The New Greenhouse

As with several of the other projects we’ve shared in our December retrospective, this one is not yet finished, but finally uniting our admin teams under one roof feels like a big box has been ticked. We can’t wait to set up the new engine room, showroom and workshop space during early 2019 and shine a brighter light on more of our activities.

Take a look back at the progress on this build below, from clearing the site to erecting the framework, pouring the huge concrete floor and setting out the workspaces. There are a few more project updates to come before this build can be marked as complete, but we’re on the home straight.