The Twelve Builds of Christmas 2018: Part 3

As another landmark year for our business draws to a close, we’re looking back on twelve big projects that have kept us occupied through 2018. Part three is a look back at a 934 build: not yet complete, but a mouth watering prospect for 2019.

12 Builds of Christmas 3: Arrow Blue Porsche 934 build

The build of our second 934 began in early 2018, as a sister car to the incredible Porsche 934 replica (below) that debuted at the 2017 Copenhagen Historic Grand Prix. Our second 934 build would also carry FIA HTP papers, allowing it to compete in Europe’s most prestigious racing events.

Built for just two years from 1976 to 1977, the 934 was famous for hard racing in the Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (German Racing Championship), usually painted in iconic Jagermeister colours. Although the awesome 935 claimed more silverware over the years, the 934’s road-car like styling and wide arched aggression has earned it a special regard amongst air-cooled Porsche enthusiasts.

The build of this epic machine began with a strip down of the donor chassis. Quite a bit of the original car will be reused in the eventual build, so the parts were all crated up under the job number and set to one side. Then the shell was sent for media blasting.

Once back in the fabrication shop, the bare shell was placed on the jig and checked for straightness. The dry-state 911 was remarkably solid, so repairs were not too extensive: attention was paid to common weak points like the seat bowls and sills. A substantial roll cage was installed and we then began adding the chassis strengthening required to tame 500 bhp around tight and twisty street circuits like Copenhagen.

Reinforcing these shells is a time consuming operation. Shells are strengthened depending on purpose, so a Safari 911 shell will be different to a race car shell like this one. The 934 was seam welded, with reinforcements added to the inner wings and tunnel. We also prepared the shell for race harnesses, installed the battery, fuel tank and fire extinguisher mounts and upgraded the rear suspension turrets and pickup points. Other jobs included welding up the now defunct fuel filler flap and fitting new lower seat rails for race seats.

Homologated at just under 1100 kilograms, 934s were not the lightest 911 racers. In accordance with Group 4 regulations, the fibreglass front and rear spoilers and wheel arch extensions envelop standard steel bodywork and cabin luxuries including electric windows are retained, so the car needs all the grunt possible from its turbocharged flat-six.

Stuttgart boosted performance as much as it could, with water-cooled inlet manifolds, bringing power for the early cars close to 500 bhp. Dyno testing on our first 934 was an exciting experience and there is more than enough grunt for the car to be fun around the tight and twisty street circuit at the Danish capital.

The shell was fitted with a substantial roll cage and the panels and bumpers were refitted before the 934 body kit was mocked up in situ. Once the arch fit and panel gaps were set, the car was finished in fabrication and ready to roll into the bodyshop.

The shell was put on a rotating spit, rubbed down and repeatedly cleaned before seam sealer, primer and underbody protection was applied. The client considered several colours before eventually settling on Arrow Blue, which is perfect for period and looks simply stunning. The shell is now in storage, awaiting the go-ahead for a new engine and transmission, lots of drivetrain and interior parts and some wide wheels and tyres! We hope to continue this build in 2019.