Vallejo Racing Gravel Porsche Rally Test

We recently completed our first gravel test with the Vallejo Racing rally team. Sergio and Diego Vallejo will rally a Porsche 997 R-GT with our gravel kit in the 2018 Campeonato de España de Rallyes de Tierra: the Spanish national gravel rally championship.

The team has released some cool video from the test and we are delighted to share it below. Everyone involved had a lot of fun and the brothers clearly enjoyed running the 911 on gravel. “It all went very well and was awesome fun,” said the team. “The first race will be this weekend and our new livery will be shown on Thursday.”

“It’s a pleasure to share our Porsche 997 R-GT gravel kit with Sergio and Diego,” said Richard. “The Vallejo brothers are two of the most passionate rally people one could hope to meet and, of course, they are also huge Porsche fans.

“Our R-GT kit was designed and developed for world championship rallying and it is built to win. Fitting it to a great 911 driven by two former Spanish rally champions puts all the ingredients in place for what we hope will be a very competitive season. We look forward to following their progress in this year’s Spanish gravel rally championship.”

The first event of the championship is this weekend’s Rallye Altas de Lorca in southern Spain. Seventy-eight cars will tackle the two-day rally in the hills around Lorca: one of Murcia’s most historic cities. The rally features five former national champions, including Xevi Pons, Yeray Lemes, Alex Villanueva, Luis Climent and Sergio Vallejo.

There will be a lot of learning going on in the Porsche cockpit during the car’s first full event on gravel. We wish all the competitors a safe rally in the sunshine – the weather forecast looks absolutely perfect!