Video: Ice Driving Porsche 914/6 on WRC Forest test stage

We’ve just uploaded this excellent in-car footage from the 2017 Below Zero Ice Driving season, featuring our Porsche 914/6 rally car on the forest stage used by WRC to test their cars before Rally Sweden.

The footage of Richard in action on the classic mid-engined Porsche 914/6 was shot by the team from National Geographic, as part of the Supercar Megabuild episode we filmed with Shane Lynch and Dan Baruffo. It was not used in the TV show, so we are delighted to be able to share it here.

The next season of Below Zero Ice Driving starts in January and all of our cars have been prepped ready to ship to Sweden. This rare two-seater coupe – a genuine Porsche 914/6 – made its Below Zero debut in 2017 and was a huge success with our clients! It will be back on the ice in 2018, along with seven classic 911s for the ultimate ice driving pleasure.

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