Volkswagen Servicing at Tuthill Porsche

The turbodiesel Volkswagens are popular cars and we see quite a few for servicing and repair here at Tuthill Porsche.

We’ve got this smart little Turbodiesel TDi Volkswagen Golf in the workshop today. Unfortunately, it has needed some repairs since purchase that are fast approaching the original cost of the car. In this case, the turbocharger has been an issue, as well as headgasket and injector failures.

Injectors on these PD TDi Volkswagens and Audis are expensive, and second-hand injectors can be faulty. Trying a succession of used parts can mean lots of money spent on labour, changing parts and trying them out. Worse still, faulty parts can lead to problems with good parts. Engines don’t like to run without fuel in one cylinder: the results can be disastrous.

Many of us have been in this situation in car ownership: parts begin to go wrong and repairs gather speed towards the original purchase cost. What is there to do? You can go on spending, fix the problem and then reap the benefit of new parts over a longer lifespan, and additions to the car’s value through recent repairs. Or you can stop fixing, cut your losses and change the car.

For some, the best approach is to have cars inspected before buying them, or try to buy with a warranty, but this is not always possible. Buying a car with decent service history, especially recent history, is very important. Another way is to disassociate purchase cost from the cost of owning and maintaining a car. Whatever car manufacturers and dealers may tell you, this is an expensive time to be a motorist in Britain.

Is there an easy answer? Well, good maintenance and regular inspections can help prevent major failures: skimping on servicing is a bad idea. If your Volkswagen is due a service then you need to get in touch! Call us on 01295 750 514 to make a service appointment.