07 May 2014

Porsche 911 of Dessie Nutt: Rebuilt for BHRC 2010

2009 Historic Rally Champion’s car is rebuilt

The bare-shell rebuild of 2009 British Historic Rally champion Dessie Nutt’s faithful yellow 911 continues at Wardington. OLC 6E has been Dessie’s weapon of choice for many years; the spritely Tuthill-prepared Porsche a key ingredient in his highly successful career to date.

Dessie and his co-driver Geraldine McBride are experienced competitors who will never give up as long as there is a chance: witness their fight up the to win the 2006 Killarney rally by a solitary second. Their short wheelbase 911 embodies that steely determination. But even the wiliest warhorses need a little bit of TLC after battle, so OLC is being rebuilt in preparation for what promises to be a gripping 2010 season.

Next year sees the introduction of the Ulster Rally, scheduled to be run in August. Based in beautiful Antrim, the event is certain to delight both competitors and spectators alike. Says Dessie: “Everybody who goes will be very, very impressed. The stages are fantastic; some of them are old Circuit of Ireland stages. There is a very senior team that organises the event and every one of them has extensive competition experience.”

Any rally featuring classic Circuit of Ireland stages is sure to be interesting. We look forward to supporting Dessie and Geraldine as they once more go for gold, at home and away.