07 May 2014

Classic Formula 1 Driver Car: VW Beetle

The biggest stars drive the simplest cars

A former Formula 1 superstar recently visited Wardington with a piece of much-loved memorabilia, when ex-McLaren driver John Watson brought his beautiful blue VW Beetle to us for its annual service. We see John every year with the classic Bug.

In the family from new, John’s Beetle is in lovely condition. Great mechanical shape meant not much was required at service: usual maintenance parts and some brand new brake calipers.

John’s F1 history is an intriguing tale, with 5 P1 finishes. His first win came at the Austrian GP of 1976, but it is later wins starting from the back of the pack that he is best remembered for. I’ll never forget his awesome drive to victory at the 1983 Long Beach Grand Prix.

You just never know who’s going to be at Tuthill Porsche, or what they’re going to be driving. It’s great to see the stars in simple, honest cars. Who needs glitz when you’re blessed with character?!