07 Aug 2018

New Building Progress Update

Progress update on our brand new building – it is coming on well!

It’s been a great summer here in Wardington: perfect weather for building. We’re very pleased with progress on our fantastic new building and are happy to share pictures of the current state of play.

All of the doors and windows have now been installed, including the roller shutter car doors at each end of the workshop space. The huge glass panels in the showroom section have also been fitted and give the front aspect facing the tree-lined approach road a stylish and exciting look.

Further exterior detailing has also come from the installation of Siberian Larch wood panelling. The wood is not only beautiful, it is also extremely durable and ties our building to the woodland that surrounds it. Siberian Larch silvers as it ages and we’re looking forward to seeing the building weather in over time.

Lots has been happening under the skin of the building and in the ground around it. All of the services have now been connected, with drainage, main electrical supply cables and a huge gas pipe for the workshop heating all installed. The groundworks have now been finished and been buried under hardcore: they will receive a final finish surface when the main building work is complete.

The bricklayers have also been putting the block and brick walls up around the perimeter, which will both retain the higher ground around the new building and form the blend lines between the old and new parts of the site. The new building was sunk into the ground to satisfy planning regulations on height and to sit more comfortably as part of the overall site. Making the changing levels flow together is always a challenge: this is coming together nicely.

Inside the building, the main lights have been fitted and the carpenters have started erecting the maze of partition walls which separate the workshop from the offices and specialist working areas, including the new engine room. Preparation for setting the four lifts (including our new chassis setup ramp) have been completed: a huge job but also very satisfying. The lifts all sit flush with the floor, which obviously looks better as there are no above-ground posts to get in the way. The floor-level installation also means that cars can drive straight over the lift when it is lowered into the floor and very low cars can drive straight on to the chassis ramp for setup.