24 Apr 2021

New Porsche 911 GT3 comes to Tuthills with Chris Harris

Top Gear’s Chris Harris brings the new Porsche 911 GT3 to Tuthill Porsche

The Porsche 992-generation 911 GT3 has just been launched. We were delighted to serve as the first stopping-off point on Chris Harris’ running-in road trip, as he prepared the very first GT3 to land on UK soil for its media launch. Chris put the Shark Blue GT3 up on one of our ramps and had a good look underneath, to see how Porsche has fitted double-wishbone front suspension to a 911 for the very first time.

“This new double-wishbone front end totally transforms the way the car drives,” said Chris, “We’ve got a ride comfort that I can’t understand, because the spring rate is almost twice what it was at the front and yet the car is more supple.

“Under the car, it’s actually very difficult to see it (the suspension) because it’s such a crowded bit of packaging. What is also really noticeable is the amount of air management going on under here; there’s just lots of ducting and stuff being directed onto the brake discs. Obviously, there is a lot of management after the air has come through the wheel arches, being really managed down through here and back out on the backend of the wheel spacing. There is more ducting than I’ve ever seen on the 911: even more than on a previous generation RS.

“The way the 911 has been developed – to think this started out as that weird quirky rear-engined thing that was developed from a Beetle and now it has become something with double wishbones and a 500 horsepower flat six – the genesis of this machine is amazing.”

Watch the video below and enjoy what the Porsche engineers have created as a future classic. It’s a very exciting 911.