10 Apr 2017

Porsche 911R hot rod build continues

Custom Porsche build to 911R style for a US client continues

Work continues on our Porsche 911R bespoke hot rod build for road use. Built from a bare shell by the team here at Tuthills, the spec includes many super tweaks and subtle changes to make this a truly unique machine.

The latest jobs include fitting the oil system, including our own oil coolers mounted in the front corners above the battery boxes.All of the oil lines are made by hand and sheathed in a protective outer layer, which also serves to manage the heat. We have also fitted the plastic arch protectors and the special guards we use to protect the coolers against flying stones and other road debris.

Inside the car, we’ve been installing the bespoke Tuthill wiring loom and associated electrical systems. The brake lines have also gone in, accompanied by our beautiful pedal box (below), with dual master cylinders adjustable from the dash giving complete braking flexibility to suit the driver’s style.

Our client on this car is based in the US. We’re delighted to be helping so many people from all over the world achieve their dream of a completely custom Porsche 911 build to their precise specifications. It is also worth noting that¬†exchange rates in most currencies are highly attractive against the UK Pound Sterling right now! Email info@tuthillporsche.com to discuss your perfect Porsche spec.