26 Feb 2018

Porsche 997 Carrera Tandem Pump Replacement

Porsche 997 Carrera service and tandem pump change in the Tuthill Porsche workshop

This smart Porsche 997 Carrera recently visited the Tuthill Porsche service workshop for tandem pump replacement.

The tandem pump is so named as it performs two functions, scavenging oil from the engine and also providing a vacuum supply for the braking system. Early warnings of impending problems with the tandem pump come when the pressed steel cover starts to rust. Eventually, the corrosion penetrates the metal and the pump begins to leak.

Aftermarket tandem pump covers in more durable materials are available, but the pump can often be well worn, making a complete replacement the only option. Rustproofing on 996s and 997s was never the best, so tandem pump rust is often a timely heads-up that Waxoyl or a similar corrosion-inhibiting protectant should be applied to the car’s underside, to keep the rot at bay and ensure other parts do not start to fail due to corrosion.

Porsche Corrosion Protection

Waxoyling our new-build Porsche 911s to guard against rust is something we do as a matter of course. The work is best carried out in warmer weather, when the underside of the car can be steam cleaned with any undertrays or guards removed and the water can dry in high ambient temperatures, before the car’s bodywork is wrapped in plastic sheeting and the Waxoyl can be applied under pressure while warm and viscous.

Standard Waxoyl is not entirely suitable for engine protection, but products such as ACF-50 corrosion inhibiting spray can be purchased, to protect metal parts that operate at a range of temperatures. Initially developed for use on aircraft, ACF-50 is very popular with people who use motorcycles all year round and can easily be applied by keen home mechanics. Keep it away from tyres and brakes however, as it doesn’t do them much good!

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