05 Oct 2020

To the racetrack and back in a day

A Saturday drive to the races in a classic 911 wins Drivers of the Day at Castle Combe

The original helix of Porsche DNA was wound tightly around the belief that all of its cars should go racing. The conviction is something that Tuthill Porsches have always embraced. Most of our race and rally cars are also road registered and they are regularly used on the road – sometimes even in competition.

The Modena Cento Ore is a 100-hour driving tour between the racetracks of Northern Italy. The cars drive on public roads to the racetrack sections, where they race flat out before driving off to the next circuit.

But you don’t have to go all the way to Modena to drive to your racing! Our good friend, David Clark, has just returned from a full day’s racing around Castle Combe circuit in the GT and Sports Car Cup with his 1965 911 2.0-litre, but with no trailer for the car and no trackside support.

Partnered by the Chairman of the Royal Automobile Club, Ben Cussons, the pair left Wardington in heavy rain early on Saturday morning and arrived at Castle Combe in time for scrutineering. A wet qualifying was held later that morning and the car had no issues. Lunch break followed and COVID 19 precautions meant that the driest place to eat lunch in the paddock was in the 911!

The ninety-minute race was the last of the day and the chequered flag was shown just after 6pm. The dynamic duo finished just outside the top twenty, narrowly missing a podium as they came home fourth in class. As the day had been such good fun, neither was particularly miffed about missing some silverware but the best was yet to come, as they were awarded Drivers of the Day by the organisers. Silverware carefully stashed, it was back in the car for the drive back to Wardington.

“Driving to the track with your mates, having a race and driving home again: what could be better than that?” said Richard Tuthill. “Hats off to David and Ben for reminding us that an unsupported day of motorsport is still very much a thing!”