30 Jul 2021

Tuthill Porsche 911 Safari cars testing in Wales

Four Tuthill Porsche 911 Safari cars go testing in Wales

Four Tuthill Porsche 911 Safari cars recently went testing in Wales. We were delighted to have the team from British Rally Media on hand to film the day’s activities.

The headline driver for the test was Patrik Sandell. A former rally winner in a Tuthill 911 and a regular visitor to our Below Zero Ice Driving experience, Patrik has excellent speed and is sure to be a contender on this year’s East African Safari Classic Rally. Patrik will be partnered by Henrik Bolinder on the event.

Four cars including Kris Rosenberger’s 2019 Safari Classic winner completed the recent Wales test with flying colours and are now ready to ship to Africa. We’ve already shipped four other Safari cars, but there are plenty more to go. We have sixteen entries on this year’s event, so cars, parts and tools are leaving Wardington weekly at the minute.

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